Therapy and training advice

Your physiotherapist

My name is Tristan. I studied sports science in Darmstadt and then trained as a physiotherapist at the University Hospital in Mainz. I have been back with a Pilates course since the beginning of 2023. I now also offer therapy and training advice on Thursdays and Fridays.

What you can expect

You want to optimize your training success. You want to work preventively and rehabilitatively. I will support you with individual therapy and training advice. During the consultation, I will address your complaints and identify deficits and imbalances. For a reliable diagnosis, I carry out a movement analysis, a body statics analysis and other functional performance tests.

Appointment booking

Thursday 17.00 booking
Friday 16.00 booking

Possible tests/analyses:

- Postural status
- Joint status/joint play
- Special strength tests
- Pelvic position
- Provocation test of the sacroiliac joint
- Provocation test for the shoulder/impingement test
- Muscle length tests
- Movement analysis
- Test for segmental stability
- and much more

You can use the individual analysis to harmonize your movement patterns, prevent injuries and improve your performance. Targeted interventions will help you do this.

During convalescence, we support you in compensating for any remaining deficits.